Can Lessons Start at Any Point During the Year?

Yes, a student may start at any point. As the lessons are private and individually paced, start time does not matter. It is easier to get a lesson time, however, in September as time slots tend to fill up then.

What Age is Recommended to Start Piano Lessons?

Any age! Children are most responsive to private lessons at age 5-6. Adults can start any time at any age.

Where Do the Lessons Take Place?

In my home studio. Students will play on a 6' grand piano in a sound proof, comfortable, and work friendly atmosphere. As well, online lessons are available from the comfort of your own home, anywhere.

How Long are the Lessons?

Lessons range from approximately 30 minutes for the young beginners, then range from 45-90 minutes depending on the individual's age and skill level.

When do Lessons Start and Finish for the Year

The regular year is from September until early/mid June. The summer term is July-August.

How do you Charge for the Lessons?

The lessons are billed at the beginning of the year. A combination of quarterly, bi-annual, and annual payments are all options.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Do you Make Up Missed Lessons?

If 24 hours notice is given, a student may have 3 makeup lessons per year.

How do you Select Students?

The student(s) and parent(s) will come for an interview after the initial inquiries, whereupon placement and music books are determined.

What Methods do you Use?

As there are a multitude of piano method books available, it will depend on the student's age and level. As these are private lessons, method book selection is just the beginning. Lessons are tailored to the individual. Each student moves at a different pace, and it is the teacher's job to choose a method and work with it so that the student is enjoying the work, challenged, and always advancing.

What do you do About Students Experiencing Lack of Enthusiasm

Unfortunately, in our fast paced world, everyone wants instant gratification. Too often people give up at the first sign of hard work. It is the teacher's job to forsee this frustration and try to 'change course' by introducing supplementary materials. For example, an obvious and welcome supplement is holiday themed music. Easing back into the 'task at hand' seems easier after such distractions. The key is to change the learning and not to stop it.

Do you Teach Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada?

Yes. I am very familiar with the requirements of Royal Conservatory and Conservatory Canada and how to help a student successfully pass through any neccesary examinations along the way. I have prepared many students for exams from preliminary to ARCT over the years.

Do you Only teach Royal Conservatory?

No, some students do not want to follow the formal requirements which lead to the Royal Conservatory Examinations. Therefore methods and repertoire are chosen to suit the individual and ensure musical growth and enjoyment without the stress of tests.

Do you Teach Theory?

Yes.   All levels of theory - rudiments, harmony and history. Sometimes these are group classes and sometimes they are private.

Is it Too Late to Start Lessons as an Adult?

Absolutely not. As each lesson is individually paced, it is just a matter of finding the right pace and music to keep the mature student interested and advancing.

What Type of Instrument do you Recommend for a Student to Start With?

An acoustic piano is always best. Keyboards are fine as long as they have 88 keys, for the novice, but ultimately it will not be sufficient as the touch is not that of any acoustic piano. Touch is a very important element of learning piano, and a student should have an instrument with which they can develop a good sense of touch. Most keyboards do not allow for this.

Is it Necessary to Purchase a New Piano?

Pianos need not be purchased new. With a little research, an instrument could be purchased for a modest cost. Be sure to consult a piano tuner/technician to have the instrument looked at before the final sale. They will see things that an amateur will not.

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