About Me

Susan is a graduate of both McMaster University (Bachelor of Music-summa cum laude) and McGill University (Master of Music -performance).

Susan has performed all across Canada and parts of the US. She has collaborated with some of Canada's top musicians  (Jeremy Bell, Simon Fryer, The Penderecki String Quartet, The Elgin Trio, The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Sherbrooke Orchestra).

Susan co-organized, co-produced and performed in the concert series Clearly Classic Concerts in Dundas, Ontario for 17 years. She also produced a CD entitled Blue Skies with clarinetist Mark Thompson which has been played on CBC Radio 2 and National Public Radio in the US.

Susan has been teaching piano for the past 30+ years. She has worked with all levels of students as well as all ages ( 3 - 93!). She is a very patient and empathetic teacher. She is able to skillfully impart her vast knowledge of pedagogy in an enthusiastic and humble manner.

Susan has regularly prepared students for music festivals, competitions, auditions and recitals. Their level of preparedness is evident in consistently high results and successful performances.

Many students decide to take Royal Conservatory Examinations. Susan has prepared hundreds of students for this task. Results are consistently high with the student feeling encouraged to go on to higher levels with great confidence.

Not all piano students will want to either compete or perform. Susan has worked with a large number of happy amateurs who want no more than to learn the love of music through playing the piano!

Susan is a music festival adjudicator as well as a member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has traveled across Canada evaluating, encouraging and helping young musicians. Her national perspective of piano performance greatly benefits her private students. Susan has also been a piano instructor at Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Mission Statement

As we live in a fast paced and chaotic world, calmness and inner peace are more difficult to find. The pursuit of music as a form of self expression can help to remove us from this busyness if at least temporarily.

As a practicing musician for almost my entire life, music has always been a way of communicating and enjoying beautiful sounds. Teaching others to find these sounds is one of my goals as a music instructor. I also firmly believe in the benefits of music study. It is truly an activity that 'builds the brain'. The number of students that I have taught over the past 30 years have almost always been very impressive people. Most are eager and willing to work and seem to be very successful 'students of life'.

    From the very beginning, students young and old are trained to focus in a way that no other discipline demands. The spatial concepts involved in reading music are challenging but rewarding. To combine this with the aural skills that are developed along the way make this activity a must for those that want to 'get ahead'. 

   Reading music and aural training are taught from the very beginning. Some rote training (showing how to play rather than playing by reading) is incorporated in for the very young beginner who does not yet read music. So, even a 'non-reader' is able to start music lessons with the proper guidance. Building a strong foundation is integral to developing a good musician. Therefore the early training years are the most important. Children's minds are blank slates. If they are directed carefully, their musical skills will develop solidly and will be far superior to those that learn too quickly and cut corners.

       Students of all ages are encouraged to study music. It benefits adolescent beginners, adults, and senior citizens equally as much as the very young child.

The benefits of music study for the adult student - whether they are a green beginner or resuming after a very long break, is enormous . I have taught many adults and have a special fondness for them! They are at all levels - beginners to avocational players( advanced players wanting to improve their skills). Also teachers who would like to improve their skills or strive to build a studio. To pursue an activity like this as an adult is a most commendable endeavour! These students are engaging, hard working and really want to learn. It is a whole different way to teach and I enjoy it immensely!

      The study of music, more than anything else is a journey of self discovery. Each student learns different things from it. The exploration should be 100% enjoyment. From the hard work comes an exhilarating sense of satisfaction. The accomplishments achieved from playing a musical instrument help to build self confidence, strength, and definitely brain power!

I welcome all into my studio and promise to make your musical journey engaging and enjoyable!

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173 Cayuga Ave, Hamilton, ON L9G 3B3, Canada


Can Lessons Start at Any Point During the Year?

Yes, a student may start at any point. As the lessons are private and individually paced, start time does not matter. It is easier to get a lesson time, however, in September as time slots tend to fill up then.

What Age is Recommended to Start Piano Lessons?

Any age! Children are most responsive to private lessons at age 5-6. Adults can start any time at any age.

Where Do the Lessons Take Place?

In my home studio. Students will play on a 6' grand piano in a sound proof, comfortable, and work friendly atmosphere. As well, online lessons are available from the comfort of your own home, anywhere.


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