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                                                                                       MISSION STATEMENT

        As we live in a fast paced and chaotic world, calmness and inner peace are more difficult to find. The pursuit of music as a form of self expression can help to remove us from this busyness if at least temporarily.


As a practicing musician for almost my entire life, music has always been a way of communicating and enjoying beautiful sounds. Teaching others to find these sounds is one of my goals as a music instructor. I also firmly believe in the benefits of music study. It is truly an activity that 'makes you smarter'. The number of students that I have taught over the past 20 years have almost always been very impressive people. Most are eager and willing to work and seem to be very successful 'students of life'.


    From the very beginning, students young and old are trained to focus in a way that no other discipline demands. The spatial concepts involved in reading music are challenging but rewarding. To combine this with the aural skills that are developed along the way make this activity a must for those that want to 'get ahead'. 


   Reading music and aural training are taught from the very beginning. Some rote training (showing how to play rather than playing by reading) is incorporated in for the very young beginner who does not yet read music. So, even a 'non-reader' is able to start music lessons with the proper guidance. Building a strong foundation is integral to developing a good musician. Therefore the early training years are the most important. Children's minds are blank slates. If they are directed carefully, their musical skills will develop solidly and will be far superior to those that learn too quickly and cut corners.


       Students of all ages are encouraged to study music. It benefits adolescent beginners, adults, and senior citizens equally as much as the very young child.


      The study of music, more than anything else is a journey of self discovery. Each student learns different things from it. The exploration should be 100% enjoyment. From the hard work comes an exhilarating sense of satisfaction. The accomplishments achieved from playing a musical instrument help to build self confidence, strength, and definitely brain power!

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