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Online Lessons

The Learning Continues..............

Online lessons are a convenient and safe option, all from the comfort of your own home. Learning continues during this pandemic time as we work together on weekly lesson materials. Students continue to prepare for Royal Conservatory examinations and recitals which continue to be important events to focus towards. Personal advancement and enrichment are so important in these times. I will help you to set up your phone, laptop, or tablet so that we can see and hear each other clearly. Platforms such as Face Time, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are great ways for us to connect. The learning has not stopped since March 2020 and students are continuing to experience the joy of accomplishment and advancement of their piano skills.

"Mrs. Susan Lee is an exceptional piano instructor with patience, deep knowledge, and high standards. She is methodical, logical, and purposeful about her instruction maintaining a balance between technique and exercises. Her patience and clear expectations are greatly appreciated. As a parent, I appreciate her attention to detail and her customization of curriculum and lessons to meet the learning needs of my children. With her deep knowledge, she is able to quickly assess student learning and customize instruction to ensure they acquire the necessary skills. 

In addition, she has adapted her instruction to meet the current needs of her students through live, virtual lessons. She offers virtual lessons, via a number of different digital platforms, where she continues to maintain her high standards and expectations from her students. Virtual lessons have been highly interactive, structured, and well-organized. My children have enjoyed both experiences, the virtual and face-to-face lessons, with Mrs. Lee.   

Mrs. Susan Lee  is a phenomenal piano instructor. She truly cares about her students and the development of their abilities. She gets to know them at a personal level, interacting with them in a professional and friendly manner. Her attention to detail and flexibility with regards to lesson format is greatly appreciated. "  Marzia Ochionorelli

"Susan has been my son's piano teacher for three years. It has always been a great learning experience for him. We had some doubts about the online class when we had to switch it due to Covid-19. The result however proved to be very positive. The communication through Face Time is very effective and we can see him progressing quite well.It is truly a relief in a situation like this! I also believe the online class can be a great alternative even after the pandemic."   Jason Lu

"I've studied with Susan for about 6 years now, and have recently completed my level 10 Royal Conservatory piano exam. She has been an incredible mentor for me over the past several years and has maintained my passion for music. Susan has taught me valuable skills that I can not only apply to music, but to all facets of my life. I completed both of my upper level examinations through an online lesson setting and was amazed at the success we had. Lessons ran just as smoothly online as they had in person, so there was no delay in my progress. She has encouraged me to explore and experiment with music, and I firmly believe music and piano will forever be in my life thanks to her unwavering support"

                                      Abby Hanna

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