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"Susan has been our piano teacher for three years, starting when my youngest child was in JK. Her lesson material is thoughtful and well integrated across several books and custom-designed exercises. This provides variety and engagement while also ensuring that core skills are improved. The result is that our kids have a blast and learn quickly.

Here's what my kids had to say:

"I like going to Susan's house because she is welcoming and good at teaching me songs" - Blake, 6 years old

"Susan is very fun and a good piano teacher. If I'm doing something wrong on a song, then she will tell me how to improve it. And if I am really good at  a song, then she will change it so that it is even more challenging" -Evan 8 years old

Susan has the perfect personality for a neighbourhood piano teacher but has advanced music credentials that make her so much more than that. Music is clearly her passion and it shines during our lessons every week. "

                                                                      Mark and Jodi McQueen, Ancaster

"  I've been a piano student of Susan Lee for 7 years now, and I am now in grade 9 royal conservatory for piano. I am 16 and in High school, and am very happy to be able to play at the level I play now. When I first entered Ms Lee's studio, I remember my first impression of her was a mix of fun and seriousness. This sounds strange, but since then it proved so amazing. Her seriousness taught me the proper way; I learned everything I wanted to learn, and always excelled in competitions, festivals, and exams. But at the same time, her fun side made the lessons enjoyable; never once did I lose interest in piano since I started. In her lessons, she tells stories and makes connections to things I can relate to to help me learn, and because of her I can now easily impress others when I play for them. On top of this, the lessons taught me more than just how to play, but also a love for music. I now play many instruments, and many of them I taught myself using what Ms Lee taught me from my piano lessons. I am very grateful for all she has given me.  "


                     Alex Bercik

"   Both of my children have enjoyed their piano lessons with Susan since their kindergarten days.  They have always looked forward to their lessons, and have come back from their lessons with even more enthusiasm. With Susan’s excellent instructions, they had both done very well in their Royal Conservatory piano exams. My daughter is now working on her grade 5 piano, and my son on his grade 3 piano. Susan has given my children not only the ability to play piano competently, but also a heartfelt joy in music through her patience, persistence, and kind encouragement   "

                            Dr.  Luming Feng

"I approached Susan as a mature student with a slight background of childhood piano lessons, and a yearning to make music. My weekly lessons are a joy; Susan is positive, patient  and encouraging. She makes learning fun and understands just how to move me along. My keyboard skills are improving enormously as a result."
>                                      Anne Thomson

"   Susan has been my piano teacher and mentor for the past eight years. I started as an adult beginner and have carried on with her encouragement. Under her direction, she has taught me how to enjoy the music I play and practice. She is a true professional, with her education and musical background as a career musician she is able to teach even a novice like me how to play. She has been patient, helpful, and resourceful in teaching both the theoretical and practical aspects of piano.

I have found it  both satisfying and inspiring to learn how to play piano at my age. Susan has not only made this possible, she has made it fun.

I would highly recommend Susan as a musical teacher.   "

                      Carolynne Locke

"Susan is always very professional, knowledgable and patient. She is very competent and meticulous in her teachings. My children have been attending lessons with Susan for a few years now and since then, they have taken their piano playing to another level. This has helped the children to do very well in competitions and exams. She is always very supportive and encouraging and the children look forward to becoming the finest piano players that they can be.

Thanks Susan for helping the children to acheive their goals!

                                   Susan Kim

 "I have wanted to take piano lessons for a very long time. For a number of reasons--family, career, I kept delaying one of my personal goals. Finally a year and a half ago I decided now was the exact time to start. Through one of my friends at Rotary I heard about a talented piano teacher, Susan Lee. I have been taking piano lessons with Susan since then. Believe me when I say I am a complete novice at this. 

   Susan has shown great patience and understanding in guiding me as I slowly master some of the techniques of playing the piano. She ensures that I can play at each level before going on to the next one.  She knows how much I love music. She is always there with her musical ear and talent to gently show me a better way to approach a piece of music. I greatly appreciate her encouragement, her talent, professionalism and fun approach to teaching..

I would highly recommend Susan to any age group from childhood to older adults.

Thank you  so much Susan"

Eileen Baggs

Susan Lee is a patient, understanding woman who effectively helps her students succeed in music. I know this, as I have been taking lessons from her for almost four years. Susan Lee tries to get to know you and makes the lessons fun by breaking the ice at the beginning of the lesson and choosing fun pieces to play. This helped me develop a love for music. She guided me through grade 6 to grade 9 piano by being very encouraging and patient, and I have improved enormously as a result. I would recommend Susan for people of all ages because she can adapt to different people and their needs. 

                                                                 Nicholas Liu


"I have two kids who've been Susan Lee's students for over five years. Previously, I alternated between several piano teachers, which I was not satisfied with until meeting Susan. With her Master's Degree in Music and nearly 30 years of teaching experience, I never have to worry about her expertise. Moreover, my daughter also plays the saxophone, and when she has difficulties, we can seek help from Susan's husband, Mark Thompson, who also has tremendous experience and knowledge in teaching woodwind instruments. Even as a teacher, my kids feel comfortable sharing their happy and sad moments with her. I am really grateful that Susan is my kids' piano teacher."


Huong Nguyen

"I took my two sons to Susan, after she was recommended to me by a school teacher. My sons were in third and fourth grade respectively, and were beginning to show personal preferences in music taste. They expressed their wish to learn an instrument. Of course classical piano was not what they had in mind, and they were gravitating towards electric guitar. Both my husband and I wished our sons to have a musical background, and so we discussed the benefits of learning an instrument like piano, which was the instrument of choice of many rock stars. We agreed that after a few years of piano, if we saw dedication and interest, we would add any other instrument of choice. 

To make this story short, my  sons are now in grade 11 and 12. They have not only learned how to play piano, but they have acquired an understanding of music that makes my husband and I very proud. It has also been a lot of fun, because with piano as a spring board, they have self taught themselves other instruments (bass guitar,  Spanish guitar, even the ukelele). The interesting part is that they will not pursue a degree in music. What Susan has transmitted to them is passion, and love for music. I could spend several lines citing all the concerts they gave, the competitions they participated in and won. But this is not what really matters. What Susan has done, was to enable them to develop their own ways and musical interests, all in the context of some discipline and structure. She has encouraged different approaches towards music, based on their personalities. The musical education my sons have received from Susan has contributed to who they are and who they will be in the future." 


                                                                                       Elena Verdu





"Susan has been teaching our kids for over twenty years.  She has brought out the best in each child, whether a beginner or a teenager preparing for a grade ten Royal Conservatory exam.  Reliable, patient (remarkably so), disciplined, knowledgeable, professional,... and she loves music!  We have complete confidence in her work."

                                                                      Dr.Mark and Mari-Lou Germain

"Susan is a wonderful and extremely talented instructor. She is very patient and caring with her students. She tailors lessons to fit their needs, which has been great for both our daughters.  Her feedback is direct and supportive.  Our girls are always excited when they progress to a new song.  It is amazing to see how far they have come along!"

Karen Johnston 

"I've studied with Susan for about 6 years now, and have recently completed my level 10 Royal Conservatory piano exam. She has been an incredible mentor for me over the past several years and has maintained my passion for music. Susan has taught me valuable skills that I can not only apply to music, but to all facets of my life. I completed both of my upper level examinations through an online lesson setting and was amazed at the success we had. Lessons ran just as smoothly online as they had in person, so there was no delay in my progress. She has encouraged me to explore and experiment with music, and I firmly believe music and piano will forever be in my life thanks to her unwavering support"

                                      Abby Hanna

"Ms. Lee is a great piano teacher!  She helps explain the pieces in a very easy and fun way!  She also encourages me to keep trying!  I love how piano is a challenge and even when I sometimes don’t want to do it, I always get through it!  Thank you Ms. Lee!!"
Lauren Johnston - age 10
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